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Choosing The Right Handbag

When it comes to all of the events that life throws at you, some are easier to dress (and accessorise) for than others! Like shoes, handbags can really make or break an outfit and if you`re going to be carrying that bag around with you all day it had better look the part. That`s why in this article we`re going to give you some key tips for choosing the best bags for specific occasions.

There are three main considerations when it comes to a good handbag; these are size, colour and style. It might sound obvious, but if you`ve ever taken out a bag too big for your needs or one which clashed with your outfit, you probably realise how easy it is to get wrong!

Night on the Town

Small enough to be discreet and dance with but large enough to carry a mobile phone, keys, money and a few essential make-up items, clutches make the perfect `night out` accessory. You can choose colours which match the style of your dress and there`s no need to break up the line of your outfit with a haphazard bag strap.

Best Friend`s Birthday

For your best friend`s birthday, you need to look glam but you also need to be practical. Chances are; you`ll need to carry a small gift and a card with you. In cases like these a clutch won`t do. You need a moderately large-sized hand bag but rather than trying to find something big which matches your dress go for a colour that compliments your shoes instead.

I recently saw a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous green maxi dress but her hand bag was the same shade of green. She looked clumsy rather than co-ordinated. By tying the colour of a bag in with your shoes instead of your clothing, you`ll create a look which is unified (and useful) without being too eccentric.


A good-sized clutch bag is perfect for a wedding because you can slip a small digital camera in to it for when the reception starts and still look slinky and gorgeous. Clutches sit on your lap during a refined meal quite unobtrusively too.

Fancy Dress Party

For fancy dress parties try to keep your choice of handbag in character. For example, a white chunky clutch is perfect for Marilyn Monroe and if you`re a Cowgirl or an Indian a small shoulder bag with leather fringes will look the part. If you`re a Mermaid or a Witch a small bag encrusted with fake jewels could look superb. You should try to travel light, with just a few essentials though!

Shopping Trip

Getting a big bold shopper for shopping trips is essential. Not only are carrier bags bad for the environment but they`re ugly too. Instead, choose over-size, wonderfully colourful designer handbags! Or alternatively, go for an eco-friendly, inexpensive hemp design. There are loads of trendy shopping bags to choose from and most of them look great with jeans and casual flat shoes.